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Introduction Waren-Verein

The traditional Waren-Verein has established since decades good relations to external institutions and is well-known as competent partner among policy makers and public authorities. We bring in our expertise and actively represent the common interests of our members.

Moreover, the association maintains close co-operations with the European umbrella associations of the food and drink industry and the trade. All partners profit from a constant exchange of information and common positions can be promoted on a joint basis.


Annual Report 2023/24

The Waren-Verein der Hamburger Börse e.V. was founded in 1900 as “Association for the promotion of Hamburg’s trade in colonial produce, dried fruit and drugs (Waaren-Verein)”. Its name is explained by traditional and historical reasons. Importers from Hamburg founded the association in order to create an own arbitration court and to fix rules of trade for its branch in written.

In 1962 the Waren-Verein was renamed into “Waren-Verein der Hamburger Börse e.V.” and expanded to promote the import trade with canned goods, deep-frozen products, dried fruit, edible nuts, spices and honey and enlarged its scope to cover the whole Federal Republic of Germany.

As a national association the Waren-Verein represents the interests of the foreign and wholesale trade with canned products, frozen products, dried fruit, edible nuts, dried vegetables, spices, honey, organic products and related products. According to its statutes, the Waren-Verein stands up for freedom of trade throughout the world – for the benefit of its members and all consumers.